The Iagos in Parliament … by The Reaper

Has it been that long since I last made my presence felt here? I’ve been busy, as you all well know, what with the uprisings in the Middle East and the purportedly humanitarian bombings – an oxymoron in itself – by the libertarianist coalition of the New World Order. So many lives to take. So many tears to thrive on. Well, that has quite kept me on my skeletal little toes for the past several months and I’ve left my quaint story involving this tiny hole of a country in the Mediterranean at a very crucial point.

As I was saying, apart from all the corruption, bribery, tax evasion (which as I mentioned is nothing in proportion to the money transfers by government officials effected to Swiss banks and other offshore accounts, or London real estate for that matter), there was the affair of a certain presidential candidate who decided to say there’s money in the country’s coffers when in fact he knew all too well there wasn’t.

There was the other affair of the rotund deputy prime minister who threw the weight of corruption on the layman, declaring all Greeks had partaken in the misappropriation of funds.  There was yet the other affair of the tiniest of lies with regard to the capture and sentencing of those who had misappropriated billions over the years. These poor Greeks have yet to see any of the notoriously big names cross a justice department threshold. But, oh wait, there was that one time with the well-known singer who owed about 5.5 mill in taxes and who gets to pay 5 Euros a day for each of the 1095 days he’s been sentenced to jail (he won’t see the inside of, of course). There was the additional affair of the German submarines that were paid for but which weren’t quite seafaring because they were simply faulty.

I’m not going to go over those minor details. What I am going to get into quite quickly is the new information that’s come out in the last few months, the most important of which has to do with

the irrefutable fact that the present PM, yes, the one who said the country was drowning in cash, called in the IMF to bail out the banks, primarily, then the wealthy industrialists through the austerity measures he has imposed on the private sector (when in fact it’s the public sector that needs to cut spending), knew where the country stood before he took office. Nothing surprising about that I hear you say. No indeed. But what if I add a dash of conspiracy into the concoction? What happens if I tell you first of all that the news that came out was that IMF head honcho Stauss-Kahn was invited to step in while on the news everyone, including government officials as well, still talked of a government that was juggling options.

Other more denigrating ινφορματιον that came out was that PM Papandreou had privately met with said head honcho several months earlier. Everyone wonders why. Were they talking about the weather? The cannoli? A cunning plan to make money off the backs of a tiny nation? And why did Papandreou request a full inventory of Greece’s assets the minute he walked into office? Should I add that this week the government are talking shop with the foreign invaders (that’s how the locals see the IMF) and looking at price lists for government owned agencies, which means that Greeks can look forward to paying foreigners for their water, power, and air pretty soon by the look of things?

The extent of this betrayal is immeasurable. The Greek government has signed over Constitutional rights to strangers that no Greek has voted for. Other countries had referendums. Not poor little Greece.These strangers were ushered in an given the right to regulate workers’ wages, salaries, severance pay, to force the auction of public real estate and services.

It’s colonialism all over again without a missionary’s face. It’s the building of a new Commonwealth with money lenders garbed in purple and toting a scepter on the throne. In Greece, it’s the transfer of wealth from those who worked and saved up for years to those who already have the funds to buy off what property the middle and lower classes will have to sell off to take care of a variety of pending installments and mortgage payments.

The world has become too crowded. The haves need to check the rising number of have-nots before a new French Revolution rears its ugly head. By establishing a banking system capable of enslaving the listless or the unwary, keeping them at the mercy of a steady job to pay off end-of-the-month bills, the elite have managed to create their own little Matrix, be it the original or one of the sequels.

Ah, my sweets, if you only knew what black-hearted Iagos rule your destinies before I come to pluck you from your miserable existence. If you only knew how ridiculous the Greek experiment seems to the intelligent on-looker. Most everyone knows what is going on. Most everyone agrees that the supposedly leftist Greek government is fascist by nature and that it betrayed the country more horridly than collaborators of the Third Reich in the 40’s did. Why do they not react? Something to ponder till we meet again next time. But I must avaunt, my lovelies. The smell of blood is calling me.


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