Athens’s Mayor Sabotages Demonstrations?

iReport —

For the second day in a row, Greece takes to the streets, setting up shop in central squares nationwide. Yet again, these peaceful demonstrations were surprisingly not impeded by riot police, yet the government’s displeasure was evident once more.

Reports had already appeared by eye-witnesses on various Greek blogs the day before concerning wifi and cell phone reception blackouts in Athens’s central square in front of Parliament where protesters had assembled. Complaints about not being able to call or send pictures from cell phones were heard from day one but many surmised that it was natural for providers to crash with over 50,000 demonstrators present at Syntagma Square. 

Yesterday’s mishap, however, could not be seen as coincidence. The lights went out with thousands gathered outside Parliament. The picture from news footage covering the protesters shows the lit square the day before yesterday on the left and the how things looked yesterday on the right. Many accuse Athens’s mayor for this, reproaching him and the government for their unwillingness to allow live online streaming of the protest so that more people will not decide to join demonstrators. Prime time news broadcasts have  already come under fire for not devoting enough time to these peaceful gatherings, and many accuse TV channels of giving inaccurate information by showing images of empty squares taken an hour before the actual demonstration was set to take place without mentioning that they are not covering the event live.

Where will this situation lead? The days to come may be crucial, with a general demonstration throughout the major cities in Europe announced on Facebook for this coming Sunday at 6 pm. One thing is clear, though – citizens have had enough of corruption and are waking up to the reality of their present situtation imposed upon them by certain individuals who could cover Greece’s national debt were they to give back what they stole from the people and the nation as a whole.

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