Thousands Take to the Streets in Greece

Peaceful demonstrations took place yesterday afternoon in central squares all over the country as frustrated citizens quietly protested against the government’s latest decisions to increase taxes yet again and sell off the country’s most profitable organizations, most of which are government-run at the behest of the IMF.

The situation over the past year and a half is unfathomable to most foreigners who only see a debt-ridden nation unwilling to pay what it owes. What most foreigners seem to forget is that the debt is a direct result of the way politicians have handled finances, yet the population in its entirety is suffering for political indiscretion, bribery and scandals that have gone unpunished for the past 20 years. It is astounding that in these two decades no politician has ever resigned or that charges brought against politicians are always dropped. The blatant scandals that have emerged in the last two years concerning Siemens and the purchase of faulty German submarines have most surreptitiously been swept under the carpet.

The fact of the matter is that politicians still enjoy overinflated salaries and provocative comforts while citizens face unemployment, commercial centers are turning into deserted ghost towns and businesses close down with every passing day. Demonstrations thus far this year have always been broken up violently by riot police who according to eye-witness reports and video footage available throughout most Greek blogs used excessive amount of tear gas on crowds that were not an immediate threat. The story about anarchists who set fire to cities needs further investigation as pictures and video footage also clearly show police officers talking with such individuals implying that certain rioters are in cahoots with officials to start up trouble leading to a break up of  demonstrations.

Yesterday however, citizens took to the streets and surprisingly saw no riot police. Gathering at central squares, they chanted for politicians to get into helicopters and leave, held up banners urging more people to take action and insinuated at what they might do to politicians if the latter do not let them live in peace.

For pictures and videos of the gathering around the White Tower of Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki, in the north, please follow the link.

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