After nearly three weeks Yiannis Kafkas, the demonstrator injured by riot police, leaves hospital

Yiannis Kafkas, the demonstrator who had been seriously injured by riot police during the General Strike demonstration of May 11th, left

hospital on Monday. Yiannis had been in intensive care in the days after the severe beating he suffered at the hands of police officers. He had been on life support for days following the attack at the intensive care unit of the General State Hospital of Nikaia in Athens

The coroner who had examined him reported two serious blows which had caused the subdural hematoma from a blunt object on the head. Additionally, the coroner reported many blows on the back caused by a police baton.

As Yiannis left hospital, a group of people welcomed him outside. The banner in the picture above reads, “Solidarity is our weapon – Yianni, be well [literally translated to ironhead]!”

Report based on articles that appeared in




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