‘Indignados’ go to old Athens University with Theodorakis

The «Indignados» of Athens’s Syntagma Square moved on Tuesday afternoon to the old Athens University (Propylaia) to form a big peaceful demonstration.

Responding to the call by composer Mikis Theodorakis and other university professors, who decided «to join their vioice with the voice of society against the measures being taken without us», they walked down Panepistimiou avenue and flooded the surrounding streets.

The main speakers at Tuesday’s event were Athens University rector Theodosis Pelegrinis and Mikis Theodorakis, while professors George Kasimatis, George Katrougalos, Notis Marias, Kostas Beis and Kostas Chrysogonos also addressed the «Indignados».

Tents remained in Syntagma Square and organising groups were increasing and improving. The food, cleanliness, legal support and medical attention groups were joined by guard groups that are functioning more effectively every day. (ANA)



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