What’s Up in Greece on June 12?

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 My site was down this morning. Problem solved in 5 minutes. For me that was the big “UP” or better say, the big “DOWN” today…. The new Pan-European appointment for Indignant Europeans is on the agenda, this Sunday. All eyes are directed to Greece and the huge protest expected to take place in Athens at 7.30 p.m. Protests will be held in the squares of many Greek cities too.

I’m considering again a Live Streaming and Live Blogging. Organizers aim to get a huge crowd again today, even though tomorrow Monday is a holiday for the public sector and banks – only the unlucky in shops will have to work tomorrow. I guess, quite some Athenians took a long weekend outside the city.

Anyway the biggest protest joining the labour unions and the Indignant Greeks is expected to take place on June 15, when the whole country will be on general strike.

The tax tsunami in the context of the Mid-Term Lenders’ Programme tops of the Greek agenda. Greek media report that the some taxes here and others there will costs every Greek citizen at least 2,500 euro for the year 2011. No government official has explained though where the money will come from. As our Prime Minister declares: It is important to pay back our debt. “Our”????

No wonder the latest survey shows governing party PASOK in its worst!!! Centre-right party Nea Dimokratia leads in people’s preference with 31% followed by PASOK with 27%. To the question who is the best Prime Minister George Papandreou gets 23%, the same Antonis Samaras (ND leader). 55% of the Greeks state “Nobody” is the best PM for the country. The poll was conducted by Public Issue for newspaper Kathimerini.

Some PASOK deputies threaten to down vote the Mid-Term Package. It is still unclear when exactly the vote will take place. Although it was planned for June 28th, latest media reports speak of of June 30 or even the first week of July.

Scenarios about cabinet reshuffle. Will it be enough to rescue the Greeks?

Deupty Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos claimed in an interview to a French newspaper that “There is no one honest Greek citizen“. That’s by far the best promotion for Greeks!

Cigarette prices went up again. Ten cents.

Greeks are selling their vacations homes. Anyone interested?

Labour union GENOP-DEH of the Greek Electricity Company will launch several 48-hours strike as of June 20th. Been there, seen that and thus in the summer. Electricity power cuts. I reconsider investing in an A/C. What’s the point? Better buy 500 manual operating fans.

Rain is on the way – I’m hearing the thunder, even saw a lightning in the horizon.


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