Male Prostitutes Service Bilderberg Members at Elite Summit?

Bilderberg attendees photographed leaving El Paradiso compound following admission of gay escorts being transported there

Paul Joseph Watson in St. Moritz, Switzerland
June 11, 2011

Following several reports that male prostitutes were being transported to a location near the Suvretta Hotel at which Bilderberg members are stationed in St. Moritz, members of the elitist confab were subsequently photographed leaving the luxury El Paradiso compound and walking back to the hotel.

Indications that male prostitutes were being provided for Bilderberg members began to stir last night following our conversation with a source who worked behind the bar in a hotel five minutes drive down the road from the Suvretta.

Although extremely reluctant to provide details at first, the source, a young homosexual man in his 20′s, admitted to us that he was being flown by helicopter in the morning to the El Paradiso resort to service a group of important people. The El Paradiso is a luxury getaway that brags on its website about how it provides all manner of pampering services to its clients. It is located about 10 minutes drive up the narrow mountain road from the Suvretta Hotel.

As the conversation progressed, the individual made it clear that the job was not just bar work or waiting on tables.

The source told us that he was being paid huge amounts of money for the job and that he had been hired for similar roles before by rich people. The man discussed how on the last such occasion he was given a full body search before he entered the building, was put in a white robe and then body searched again. A beer bottle opener that also contained a tiny penknife was confiscated before he was allowed to enter.

Independent of our source, other journalists, including Charlie Skelton of the Guardian, discovered that Bilderberg members were planning to visit El Paradiso, and rumors of male prostitutes continued to circulate.

At around 1:30pm this afternoon, myself, Aaron Dykes, Alexander Benesch of Infokrieg and We Are Change Birmingham’s Jon Scobie, attempted to locate El Paradiso, driving up treacherous narrow mountain roads. On our way we were followed and stopped by the Swiss police twice, firstly being told to leave the area and then again for entering a restricted area. We were fined 100 swiss francs for the infraction.

Although the area around El Paradiso was crawling with police, we were able to get a shot of the building from a distance.

A few hours later, Bilderberg members, including Peter Mandelson, were later seen leaving El Paradiso and making their way back via cable cars to the Suvretta hotel which is down the mountain. Numerous photos of Bilderberg members as they were walking back into the hotel were captured and we hope to have them soon.

As the New York Post reported, during the 2004 Bohemian Grove get-together, which counts amongst its members many of the same individuals who attend Bilderberg, gay porn star Chad Savage was sent in to “service” the elite moguls there.

UPDATE: Photos of Bilderberg members leaving El Paridiso below provided by We Are Change Switzerland. We would like to emphasize that there is no direct proof that any of these individuals used the services of gay escorts.

Peter Mandelson

Eric Schmidt

Peer Steinbrück

Franco Bernabe

Jacob Wallenberg

Thomas Enders


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