Harry Potter adventures to be continued… online By Thair Shaikh, CNN


London (CNN) — Harry Potter’s final literary chapter may have come to an end, but millions of fans can now continue following the boy wizard’s adventures online with the launch Thursday of an interactive e-book series.

The website — Pottermore.com — promises storylines that will be brought to life with «sumptuous newly-commissioned illustrations.»

An additional 18,000 new words about the novels’ characters, places and objects are on the site, with more to come according to JK Rowling, author of the Potter series.

Rowling, who reiterated that she had no intentions of writing another Potter novel, said: «It is the same story with a few crucial additions, the most important one is you. Pottermore will be built in part by you.

«When I finished writing the last Harry book, well I haven’t cried that much since my mother died. I never cry over a man, but this was more like an ex-boyfriend.»

The seventh and final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was published in 2007.

Rowling’s site will be the exclusive sales channel for the Potter e-books, bypassing traditional e-book stores like Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes and Noble’s Nook store and Apple’s iBookstore.

British publisher Bloomsbury, which maintains the books’ printing rights in the U.K., said it will participate in the sale of e-books from Pottermore and will receive a share of the revenues.

«It was right for me and Harry to go at it ourselves,» Rowling said about the deal.

The author also said she was inspired by the hundreds of letters she received every week from fans around the world and wanted to «give something back.»

The Potter series has sold over 400 million copies worldwide according to Bloomsbury.

Pottermore, run in partnership with Sony, will also have an online shop where people can purchase the Potter e-books.

The first book to get the online treatment is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone. The storyline of the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, will go live on the site in early 2012.

Pottermore will go live on 31 July, Harry Potter’s birthday. Fans can submit their email addresses Thursday and the first million people to complete their registration will gain early entry into the website.

The site will open to all users in October and will initially be available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

The final movie in the franchise, «Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,» is released in mid-July.



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