Greek Austerity: One Toilet Paper per Neighborhood…

Greek Austerity: One Toilet Paper per Neighborhood…

“One salaried per family, one book per class, one policeman per protester, one political lie per minute, one doctor per hospital, one austerity measure per day. Who said the state is not organized?” That’s a Facebook status quotation posted by a Greek. It describes very well the situation we’re experience here with the rising unemployment, the book and personnel shortage in schools and health sector, the austerity and taxes falling on our heads at regular intervals.

To this I should add “one cotton per emergency” as many patients in hospitals complain about shortage of material. A friend was asked to bring cotton, paper tissues, toilet paper and pure alcohol, when her mother was in hospital to undergo an operation.

Another friend who had a cardiogram at an IKA emergency in middle class suburb of Athens, found no paper tissue to clean her belly, ankles and chest from the gel. “We don’t get tissues anymore” said the cardiologist. “Even toilet paper we bring from home”. My friend left the room throwing a sad look at the thousand-times crumpled paper sheet on the examination bed. Back home she threw her clothes in the washing machine….

As life is getting more and more expensive and salaries deteriorate soon I will have to add “One toilet paper roll per neighborhood”…

Hopefully,  we will not end up with One Default For All!


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