I wonder if the rest of Europe would react in the same way

I wonder what would happen if the citizens of Germany, France, Belgium, Holland or England  realized all of a sudden that their elected representatives decided they would close down government agencies in areas where immigrant numbers foreshadowed potential instability or insurrection that would warrant my services as a reaper of souls.

I wonder what they would say if state-owned corporations that monitored basic household necessities were sold off at humiliating prices (though I rather prefer the bloodier ‘cut-throat prices’) to foreigners. The water the land gives them, the electricity generated by their own precious resources would be in the hands of strangers, entrepreneurs whose sole concern would be profitable end-of-year statements.

What would they do if they analyzed the past 30 years of politics in their country and discovered a methodical plan to exterminate every sensible effort made by their fathers and grandfathers before them to procure a flat or house for their children? What if they opened their eyes and remembered the years their relatives spent as immigrants in the mines of distant lands, cut off from their loved ones, isolated in a land where they barely managed to make themselves understood, sometimes carrying their own families along with them and subjecting them to a culture crisis, to the mistrusting eyes of the locals, the condescending behavior of supermarket cashiers, the arrogant, dismissive tone of voice of regional bus drivers?

Would they be so willingly amenable to the measures if they saw the whole picture, if the people they entrusted with the country’s finances to had played up their debt, or from a debt-free budget in the 70’s, saw their PM in the 80’s hand out money until there was no more to give? Promises upon promises of a better future, and the loans increased. Who is at fault when no government or opposition party ever announced or criticized this mismanagement of funds?

What would these countries decide to do if they knew the people they gave their vote to had not done their job? What if they took to the streets, demanding the return of their country and stood confronted by CS gas well past its expiration date, police brutality, and the knowledge they will eventually contract cancer from their efforts to save their nation? How would they feel if the whole world stood against them, calling them lazy, fraudulent, spoilt?

For those who think they know what really happened in Greece, what is still happening in Greece, all I have to say is stop eating the garbage the banking system is spreading across Europe, stop envying a Greek who knows how to enjoy life because he was born to live it passionately to the fullest, and stop complaining about the lack of medical care whenever you come to Greece for holidays. Greeks are complaining exactly about the same thing but it was their money that had been misappropriated all these years – not the entrepreneurs’, not the politicians’, not the shipowners’ who hold the media in their pockets and who shape public opinion through their propaganda.

The Reaper



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