United We Stand…

Published August 3, 2011

United we stand, divided we fall – a statement we all have heard, read, uttered. No one can deny its common sense. No one can argue that its premise is false. More than ever this statement applies to the needs of Greece. Why? What begs the unification of the people in Greece today? What is the core issue in Greece today? The failing economy is the apparent answer. The lack of sovereignty is also key. However, the core issue is that Greece is travelling on a road of severe impoverishment at lightening speed. At the end of the road a third world country awaits. The lack of sovereignty is the vehicle that carries Greece to the final destination. And the failing economy fuels this vehicle.

The impoverishment of Greece will not only be the result of the unbearable austerity measures but of the loss of national wealth, the loss of all that is necessary to revitalise a crippled economy, condemning Greece to nothing but failure and the inability to bounce back from economic catastrophe. The sale of profit-making national companies at discount rates is demanded by those who have appropriated our sovereignty. They do not take into consideration how the sale of these companies will effect Greece and her future.

A prime example is the sale of the national water plant of Thessaloniki. Firstly, it is a profit making company that contributes to Greece’s economy. It, therefore, raises the question of why we are selling it. Secondly, the company to which it will be sold is SUEZ. This is the same company that took control of the water plant in Bolivia amongst other Latin American countries. Does it not concern TROIKA, the drivers of the vehicle, that in the case of at least Bolivia not only did SUEZ not live up to its promises of raising the quality of the water but the actual decrease in quality put the health of hundreds of thousands of people at serious risk? Should they not be concerned that, though SUEZ had promised to supply water to 200,000 homes they did so provided that these homes paid exorbitant rates, equivalent to a year’s salary, to initiate the service? Did they ask themselves what would happen to the already impoverished Greeks if SUEZ were to put forth a 400 % increase in the cost of water as they did in Bolivia resulting in 800,000 homes in one city alone cut off from this vital source? Clearly none of the above facts concern the powers that be. That the presence of SUEZ in Bolivia and other Latin American countries resulted in an enormous uprising during which blood was shed should be a red flag for any nation. Should the Greeks protest this sale, the drivers would fuel their argument with “well your economy is failing and you have no choice but to sell everything to anyone and at any price we choose”. This reasoning is used for the sales now taking place and will be used for all forthcoming sales. The promised investments in Greece, to be made by outside sources, are in fact the selling off of profit-making companies at discount rates. And make no mistake about it, there will be many, many such sales, right up until anything of value in Greece is bought up cheap.

How can we stop the vehicle that is carrying us towards this third world country? How can we reverse our direction and start the journey back to a stable country where some dignity remains in our daily lives. The obvious answer is to cut off the fuel supply of the vehicle, and, once the vehicle has stopped, disembark and head in the opposite direction towards stability, by foot if necessary.

As stated, the vehicle is fueled by a failing economy. The economy is failing why? One reason is the enormous debt the nation has amassed. But the nail in the coffin is the enormous increase of this debt in the recent months with the true scope of saving the euro, a currency that leaves no choice but to descend deeper and deeper into debt. Greece’s debt has increased some 30% in the last few months without any apparent relief of the burden society bears, but, rather, the relief is is felt only by the bankers who fear financial loss. Thus, in order to escape the failing economy, to cut off the fuel supply, we need to be rid of the debt. Quite simply, we need to refuse payment as is our right by international laws provided for odious debts. Clearly such a refusal will have major effects on the euro, we will have to turn to another currency, our own naturally. And, frankly, what is the fear of doing so? Has the euro provided anything positive? Is it not the euro and the system that promotes it that brought our present day situation upon us? We must also control our currency through  nationally owned banks. That is simple logic. A logic that apparently escaped those who allowed The Central Bank of Greece to to be owned and operated by anonymous parties with private interests, and who refuse any sort of inspection or audit regarding the functioning of an entity that protects our national reserve. The only way to cut off the fuel supply is by refusing to pay odious debt and taking control of our currency, national reserve, and economy.

The next step is to disembark the vehicle. The loss of sovereignty was brought about by the demands of Troika along with their demands for unbearable austerity measures, all in order to acquire more loans to pay back the initial odious debt. It is not the much talked about Memorandum that caused the fatal blow but the initial Loan Contract, wherein Greece signed over national sovereignty. Moreover Greece agreed to forfeit any and all types of national asylum. These are terms of occupation without precedent, making Greece prisoner to the bankers. The contract was signed by the current government. It is clear to anyone with some understanding of parliamentary procedure and the constitution that it was signed illegally, against the constitution. In order to disembark we need to reject the validity of this contract and all following agreements. We need to stand up against their unbearable demands and deny what is essentially the economic occupation of our country. We must renegotiate our relationship with the EU. If they want to continue to include us within their grand scheme of a unified Europe then they must clarify what exactly that entails. They must show us that it is for our benefit and not for our catastrophic end.

Once we have disembarked we must turn around and face the opposite direction. To do this we must declare once and for all what we have all known for decades yet never spoken with a unified voice. The current system of government simply does not work. It is clearly susceptible to corruption and has served only to distance itself from the people rather than truly represent the people. The realisation of this failure must be made tangible and this can only be accomplished if those responsible are held accountable. They will be the example for any entity that  harbours ambitions of self interest. Only then can we start the journey towards a better, more stable country. That journey entails a rewriting of the constitution, the establishment of a governmental system that truly represents the people and works for the people. The road will be rough, uphill, and riddled with potholes. It is, however, necessary, vital if we are to dare hope for a better future for us, our children, and their children to follow.

Briefly, the steps necessary to to stop this headlong course towards a third world country and return to a stability that is necessary for a dignified existence can be summed up as follows:

Cut off the fuel supply by:

1) Declaring the debt  odious – in accordance with international law and precedence – refuse payment.

2) Exiting the euro, establishing a national currency, nationalising the banks.

Disembark the vehicle by:

3) Rejecting the validity of recent loans, memorandums, and subsequent agreements. Renegotiating our relationship with the EU

Change direction by:

4) Holding all guilty parties accountable for their actions against against the country, its citizens and its constitution.

Start the journey back to stability by:

5) Ensuring popular rule, national sovereignty and independence through constitutional changes. True democracy for the people, by the people.

These are five steps absolutely necessary for the salvation of Greece and hope for the future. A nation wherein the economy is focused on exploiting its resources for its own benefit; developing its industry not degrading it; establishing symbiotic relationships with other nations that benefit all involved not just the one. A nation whose government strives for quality of life, not the extension of its own power. A nation whose progress benefits its citizens, all of its citizens and not a select few. All of these goals are feasible, attainable. However, no one can accomplish them alone. Nor will a portion of the populace suffice.  All people concerned about the future of their country and its inhabitants must unite. We must all join hands now and take the necessary steps to stop Greece from following the catastrophic course she is now on.

Now more than ever – United We Stand, Divided We Fall.




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