Like a Phoenix from its Ashes

Yesterday’s scene in front of Parliament sums it all up. The old clashes with the new as the country is in flames.

Greece needs to rid itself of loan sharks and corrupt politicians to rise again like a phoenix from its ashes. The sooner those in power are deposed – seeing as they refuse to resign despite the anger that rages outside their office doors – the sooner the country can elect individuals who will serve its interests and not those of local moguls and foreign investors.

Unfortunately, the junta which all thinking, unbiased Greeks now openly admit exists beneath a facade of civilized democracy, will use its puppets to crush the voices of Greek citizens. The press on the one hand will only release images of violence to reroute attention from the proportionately unjust legislature to be ratified, while riot police on the other hand will evade justice once again given that rumors concerning a secret meeting between police officials, government spokespeople and judges has resulted in full immunity for officers who are sued by demonstrators for excessive use of force.

Stay tuned for more pictures to surface from Athens today as thousands already stand defiantly before Parliament, with the full brunt of demonstrators due to arrive in the afternoon.

To view photos of yesterday’s demonstrations click here.

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