Silence is golden

The former Prime Minister of Greece and President of the Socialist International made a speech to that Organization on Thursday 24 of November 2011 where he spoke on the Eurozone crisis and said the following incredible things:

“In Europe today conservative governments prevail who are mainly resposible for the failure (of Europe). They have dissappointed Europe and its peoples. They have dissapointed our people. Democracy and social values, on which the EU was founded should be maintained in order to create a Europe able to face the challenges of globalization, a Europe for the people by the people. Budgetary discipline by itself is not enough, since if the incentives for development dissappear, we will all sink in a deeper recession.” On his proposal for a referendum he said that “he wanted to give to the people of Greece,the possibility to decide on its future and on the reform program.”

This sounds more like a statement coming from someone who had been absent for a long time from the planet rather than someone who until three weeks ago had been Prime Minister of Greece since October 2009. And the question arises,why did he not fight, along with his Spanish colleague the conservative government of the EU who are responsible for the failure of Europe? Why did he not with his Spanish colleague take any initiative in the EU to enhance democracy? And why did he accept to destroy whatever is left of the economy of his country by putting Greece and its people in a state of permanent recession.

Mr.Papandreou, you no longer have the right to speak like that. You had the opportunity to save your country. But you were unable to do so. So please silence yourself and spare us from hearing more nonsense as we struggle to survive.


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