The Death of Democracy and National Sovereignty in Europe

As Johan Van Overtveldt, the editor-in-chef of Trends magazine states, Greece is «condemned to go down in a vicious circle of more recession, more unemployment, larger government deficits or budget deficits and so an endless need of additional money to fill up the gaps.»

So why continue the loans? Why continue the Euro sham? Since Italy is next, and France’s banking system will follow suit, why fix something that already smells putrid?

Brussels will undoubtedly push the situation to its advantage and demand to step in at any time. Foreign intervention in the name of the Euro but at the expense of national sovereignty is what we are headed towards. The complete annihilation of nations, the death of democratic procedures as seen in Greece and Italy is something  people should be concerned about. Brussels will continue to impose the leaders it sees fit without elections or referendums and for what or whom? Speculators? Bankers? Goldman Sachs?

If the media isn’t highlighting the discussion about the advent of a new undemocratic era which started with 9/11 and took a decade to mould, then you should wonder as to the objectivity and veracity of what you see and hear on the news. The Greek government have already signed the country’s sovereignty over to the troika, disregarding the Greek constitution altogether. Who’s next? Is anyone ever going to speak up for the rights of nations and self-determination?




The Reaper


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