60.7% of Greek citizens want elections by February 19

As mentioned in MRB’s survey 60.7% of Greeks wants elections by February 19.

More specific, 34% says that the elections must be carried out on February 19, 27% soon after, 20.4% by the summer of 2012 and 11.8% at the end of the four years.

In the mean time, 55.1% has a negative impression on Papademos’ government, while the voting intention sees ND leading with 26%, PASOK at 15.1%, KKE at 11.6%, SYRIZA at 7,4%, Democratic Left at 4.6%, Ecogreens at 4%, Democratic Alliance at 1,9%, Xrysh Aygh at 1.1%, Arma Politwn at 1.1%, none of the above 3%, blank/absence 11.8% and 18% has not yet decided.

When Greeks were asked about whether they think the coalition government will succeed, 60.1% says no and 32% yes, while the stance of the new PM has a negative image for 48% and a positive one for 33.3% .

In the question of which government form can better address the problems of the country, 59.1% answered a coalition government, 19.3% a one-party government, and 21.6% said none of these two.

MRB’s survey shows 6-months trends (until 8 December 2011) among 2,000 people across the country.




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