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You always wanted to dowse your salad with that unctuous, pine green, Greek olive oil but found the imitations on the market too watery for your palate. Now a new site brings it to your table direct from the source. offers a variety of Greek products to aid all lovers of nutritious, eclectic and traditional Mediterranean cuisine create the dishes they have always wanted, the Greek way.

On-line customers can order Greek wines and other distilled spirits like ouzo; olive oil and a number of olive varieties; sweets such as halva and diverse spoon sweets a typical village-dwelling elderly Greek host might offer her  guests ; pasta; honey from Kalvryta or Taygetos; appetizers to accompany that ouzo you wanted to sit and drink with friends on a relaxed Saturday evening; delicious Cretan rusks, so highly valued as part of the Mediterranean diet; two of the best known Greek coffee brands, brewed in the traditional briki; pulses such as lentils, split beans, ‘giant elephant’ beans.

Shipping unfortunately is limited to European countries. It can only be hoped that this will change in the future so that Greek products can reach homes across the Atlantic and elsewhere around the world.

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