Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos dies in accident

ATHENS, Greece — Police and hospital officials in Athens say Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos has been killed in road accident.

They say the 76-year-old director suffered serious head injuries and died at a hospital near Athens on Tuesday after being hit by a motorcycle while walking across a road.

Other details of the incident were not immediately available.

Angelopoulos won numerous awards for his movies, most at European film festivals, during his career that spanned more than 40 years.

Director(20 titles)

2011 Mundo Invisível (segment «Céu Inferior»)

2008 The Dust of Time

2007 To Each His Own Cinema (segment «Trois Minutes» / as Théo Angelopoulos)

2004 Trilogy: The Weeping Meadow

1998 Eternity and a Day

1995 Lumière and Company (documentary) (as Theo Angelopoulos)

1995 To vlemma tou Odyssea

1991 To meteoro vima tou pelargou (as Thodoros Angelopoulos)

1988 Landscape in the Mist

1986 O melissokomos (as Thodoros Angelopoulos)

1984 Voyage to Cythera

1983 Athens, Return to the Acropolis (TV movie)

1981 Oi reporters (TV series documentary) – Chorio ena, katikos enas(1981)

1980 O Megalexandros

1977 The Hunters (as Thodoros Angelopoulos)

1975 The Travelling Players

1972 Days of 36 (as Thodoros Angelopoulos)

1970 Reconstruction

1968 Broadcast (short)

1965 Forminx Story (uncredited)


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