The videos of Greece you won’t see

The news won’t mention much other than how Athens burned last night. The news never mentions how millions took to the streets yesterday all over Greece to demand elections, to ask for a referendum, to quit the Euro, to revert back to the drachma. The news never shows what really happens, but chooses to show what it has been told to show.

Well, these are the videos you won’t see on your TV set. Please let everyone know that Greeks aren’t dumb, they see who the measures are for and know that the people implementing them are no longer wanted in Parliament seeing as they haven’t been elected into office in the first place.

Let everyone know that Democracy is dead on a global scale, that freedom of speech is obsolete and that saving banks carries greater value than an individual’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness certain puppets profess to uphold.

Let them know that we’re not just lazy bums who refuse to take yet more measures when members of Parliament were the ones taking kickbacks all these years, building their personal portfolios at the expense of Greece’s infrastructure. They made a mess of things and we refuse to pay employees who haven’t done their job well.

We refuse to pay creditors who want to see our economy founder so they can seize our oil, crops and lignite. For those of you who haven’t heard, yes, Greece has vast reserves of natural resources and by pure coincidence, all of a sudden its economy doesn’t measure up to expectations.



Police violence against Mikis Theodorakis and peaceful protesters



Unwarranted attack by riot police — tactics present at every demonstration in Greece for the past 3 years at least.




The Reaper

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