The Truth about Greece

Prometheus Bound: The titan who stole fire from Zeus to give to mankind is punished. Ring a bell? (painting by Elsie Russell)

Comment by MySatelite: «My name is Dimitris and I come from Greece». This is the opening of a message in a bottle, a cry not for help but for empathy and awakening written by someone called Dimitris, your average, Greek everyman. This is the situation in Greece put simply. It’s illustrated, straight-forward, short and readily comprehended by a 10-year-old. Ok, it has some grammatical inconsistencies and one or two typos, but nothing that impedes understanding.

For once, let go of your stereotypes, the ones the media have instilled in all of us and read something which actually states facts and a reality Greeks have to face on a daily basis. Read Dimitris’s message below and pass it on, for the sake of our children and yours.

The world is changing and only those who haven’t been lulled to sleep by their TV sets realize how the game is being played — and it’s always the unfortunate, insignificant pawns that are sacrificed first to protect the first-rank pieces on a chess board.

The Reaper

2 σκέψεις σχετικά με το “The Truth about Greece

  1. Geia sou file!

    Ego eima enas aglos ki pantrefitika mai tin mia elinida, ki tora menoumai etho stin Athina. Afto pou egrapses eina polu sosto, syfono ki exo bali sto Twitter. Bravo sou file.


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