Money Aplenty for Politicians: Let the rest eak cake

Another €10 million dished out to Greek political parties

They got paid once for the upcoming elections by voting an amendment in the late hours of the night at the beginning of April. Not satisfied with the necks they sucked on the first time, the Greek vampire politicians are set to obtain extra funding to the tune of €10 million. Whatever the case may be, it was a contingency measure, you see.

The first time round, MPs voted to divert funds from debt installments owed to banks in order to finance political parties in view of the elections of May 6. The official explanation for the extra cash was  «in order to secure the conditions for continuity of political parties in the national elections.»

Yes, people were outraged, but who gives a cowpat over at the IMF or the European Commission? We Greeks are all lazy anyway, so who cares how interest rates on those loans the Germans and French so magnanimously offered will be paid off? Who cares, Mr. Baroso, how money the politicians are pocketing at this very moment isn’t allocated to making Greek exports competitive, when you so rightly say we need to slash wages across the board another 15%?

Well, seeing as things went so well with the first amendment a few weeks back, MPs felt obligated to observe the law and collect another 10 million to look good on TV as they spit out more lies about saving the country. Five political parties will enjoy the millions as they enjoyed the other €37 million they have already raked in in less than a month. The funny thing is the way the media managed to make Interior Minister Tassos Giannitsis a hero after he firmly planted his foot down on motions by certain MPs to have the full sum paid in advance. He stuck to the law and thus only 60% will be advanced to political parties.

Can you see why a number of Greeks are thinking of setting fire to Parliament, why many have committed suicide, and some like myself refuse to believe that the May 6 elections are anything but a fixed sham?

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