A most useful tool for travelers: Greece — Sit back and enjoy the ride

Planning to visit Greece? Just want to escape from your armchair and see the picturesque villages of Chalkidiki, the beauty of the White Tower and Thessaloniki’s waterfront, the new Acropolis museum, the majestic view from Fira in Santorini?  Now all that is just one click away with Greecevirtual.gr.

Greecevirtual.gr is a user-friendly website designed to guide you around a wide variety of locations in Greece, letting you get the feel of the place you would like to visit through its high quality panoramic photos. As mentioned on the site:

«Rotation in any direction you choose and ability to zoom on to the photos to uncover even more intricate details of the images you have selected. Various shaped icons enable the user to view different land and aerial photographic scenes of the location taken at night or during the day. Sights and sounds come alive on your computer screen to give you the feeling of being there. For example, click on to the images of the many beaches surrounding the islands where you can actually hear the sounds of the waves!»

It is an extremely useful tool if you are planning your next vacation in Greece as information regarding hotel accommodation, restaurants and bars to visit, as well as other activities such as sailing, water sports and sightseeing are made available for each tour. The whole package is served up for the avid traveler to relish with Google Maps to boot, allowing quick location of the sites they wish to explore.

More importantly, Greecevirtual.gr is not only available in Greek but English as well.

Check out the site, and watch the following video to see how to navigate through the virtual tours it offers.


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