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Greek Abbot, Accused in Land Deal, Is Jailed to Await Trial

Comment by MySatelite: This scandal has been on the news for some years now. The whole of Greece knows that politicians were involved. After years of sweeping matters under the carpet, the present (undemocratically placed) government has decided to charge only one of the parties involved. As most Greeks ironically put it, Abbot Efraim entered the Parliamentary building by himself, signed papers by himself, without any of the other 32 political figureheads involved ever being mentioned this past week. Naturally, scandals involving Siemens and Ferrostaal have conveniently disappeared from the news lately. Final points to consider: a) big entrepreneurs ogling land on a pristine Mount Athos, b) Efraim’s visit with Putin in Moscow last month in an attempt to create closer ties to Russia, c) no politician has ever set foot inside a prison cell for any scandals since the mid 90’s (and the statute of limitations was, once again, conveniently altered by law just this year to expire and protect politicians).


Investigators have said the deal, which was revealed several years ago, was weighted in favor of Vatopedi Monastery in northern Greece and cost taxpayers the equivalent of about $131 million. Two ministers in a previous, conservative government lost their jobs over the deal, which was ultimately Συνέχεια