Why the plundering of Greece was staged


A chronicle in three interconnected components: INTRODUCTION, REASONS and EPILOGUE – About the planned looting of Greece, as a ‘necessity’ for the dismantlement of European democracy, justice and freedom. (translated from the original article in Swedish)


by Kosmas Loumakis


579109_228685723929053_115011835_nBehind the decision to plunder Greece, there are several reasons (as always, when great powers decides to attack a country). Its never just onereason, when great powers aremarching,… nor is it so in the case of Greece.

For the Globo (the global currency) to be introduced and well received, economic “suicide-bombers”, thecredit financial system that is, have triggered its explosive components. An unavoidable economic crisis, mustbe used to elicit acceptance of the currency, and then the launchpadmust be prepared from an already long time, manipulated and controlled so-called ‘free and democratic nation’. It is from this nation, that the old Europe, the 

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Greeks have good reasons to protest

Declan Hill, The Ottawa Citizen

Published: Sunday, December 18, 2011


‘Almost everything that you thought you knew about current-day Greece is wrong.»

That thought went through my head as I stood among a mass of demonstrators in Syntagma Square during the recent general strike. There was a festive air: souvlaki sellers amid grandmothers, students singing and lots of street theatre performances. It was unlike any of the images that I had seen; there was no stone throwing, no tear-gas or water cannon attacks. I may have been lucky but there was a wide spectrum of ordinary people marching in the demonstration. The usual suspects were there, of course: the anarchists, the Communists and the general drop-a-hat-see-me-protest lot. But there was also a broad range of others: nurses, farmers, doctors, actors and teachers.

 After the demonstration was over, I walked past the rows of gas-masked policemen (generally far nicer Συνέχεια

Express Samina: eleven years have gone by. Has anything changed?

Eleven years have passed since the tragedy of the Express Samina off the coast of Paros in the Aegean. For those who do not remember the distressing images of people trying to get off a sinking ship two nautical miles from the quaint beaches of Paroikia, it was 10:15 in the evening and by 11.02, the clock on the ship’s bridge ceased ticking. Eighty-two passengers would never be seen smiling under the sun.

As a Greek, I will never fathom the injustice – not of life, but of bureaucracy, of disorganization – which Συνέχεια

The Iagos in Parliament … by The Reaper

Has it been that long since I last made my presence felt here? I’ve been busy, as you all well know, what with the uprisings in the Middle East and the purportedly humanitarian bombings – an oxymoron in itself – by the libertarianist coalition of the New World Order. So many lives to take. So many tears to thrive on. Well, that has quite kept me on my skeletal little toes for the past several months and I’ve left my quaint story involving this tiny hole of a country in the Mediterranean at a very crucial point.

As I was saying, apart from all the corruption, bribery, tax evasion (which as I mentioned is nothing in proportion to the money transfers by government officials effected to Swiss banks and other offshore accounts, or London real estate for that matter), there was the affair of a certain presidential candidate who decided to say there’s money in the country’s coffers when in fact he knew all too well there wasn’t.