Suche die Frau (Cherchez la Femme in German) … by The Reaper

Suche die Frau (Cherchez la Femme in German)
Saying that Greece is overrun by corruption is one thing. Putting yourself in the shoes of a Greek and reading about all the scandals is another. Over the past decades, Greek newspapers have written about under-the-table deals and nothing has been done about it — no resignations, no prosecutions, no charges, just on-going investigations that end abruptly or fade into oblivion with the change of seasons and current affairs sensations.

The most noteworthy recent scandals that have shaken public opinion for 24 hours and then vanished as quickly as they appeared, explain why judicial Greeks are justifiably enraged not only at the the press’s lack of objectivity and independence, the Justice Department’s ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil‘ policy, but also the complete absence of legal sanctions against government officials involved in these scandals.