Griechenland: Το βίντεο της ημέρας!!!!

σχόλιο Vuvuzela: Η Ελλάδα σε κρίση. Ανεργία, αβέβαιο μέλλον, αδιέξοδος, απόγνωση. Η Γερμανία ασκεί πίεση για τη ‘σωτηρία’ της χώρας. Όλα κρέμονται απο μια κλωστή. Ο κόσμος περιμένει με κομμένη την ανάσα, και τότε ….

Δείτε το βίντεο με τους Τσαλταμπάση, Μποσταντζόγλου!

Griechenland is a short film about the Greek Crisis. 

The economic crisis has hit Athens, Greece the hardest. While Germany keeps adding pressure, everything seems frozen and ready to collapse. However, there is one man who feels differently.

CAST: Giannis Bostatzoglou Thanasis Tsaltabasis Συνέχεια

To Whom Do We Owe This Money, Exactly?

I have followed the political debate about the austerity programme of cuts relatively closely over the last few months. I have been witness to countless television and radio debates in which the importance of our credit rating status, so that we may borrow money on better terms, is repeated with military-drummer-like regularity; in which any possible criticism of the assault currently under-way on public services is met with lachrymose alacrity by three words “our national debt”.

Equally, I have been amazed by the rarity of the question “to whom do we owe this money?” It is a fairly esoteric subject, but an important one nevertheless – don’t you think? Συνέχεια