The Iagos in Parliament … by The Reaper

Has it been that long since I last made my presence felt here? I’ve been busy, as you all well know, what with the uprisings in the Middle East and the purportedly humanitarian bombings – an oxymoron in itself – by the libertarianist coalition of the New World Order. So many lives to take. So many tears to thrive on. Well, that has quite kept me on my skeletal little toes for the past several months and I’ve left my quaint story involving this tiny hole of a country in the Mediterranean at a very crucial point.

As I was saying, apart from all the corruption, bribery, tax evasion (which as I mentioned is nothing in proportion to the money transfers by government officials effected to Swiss banks and other offshore accounts, or London real estate for that matter), there was the affair of a certain presidential candidate who decided to say there’s money in the country’s coffers when in fact he knew all too well there wasn’t.