Money Aplenty for Politicians: Let the rest eak cake

Another €10 million dished out to Greek political parties

They got paid once for the upcoming elections by voting an amendment in the late hours of the night at the beginning of April. Not satisfied with the necks they sucked on the first time, the Greek vampire politicians are set to obtain extra funding to the tune of €10 million. Whatever the case may be, it was a contingency measure, you see.

The first time round, MPs voted to divert funds from debt installments owed to banks in order to finance political parties in view of the elections of May 6. The official explanation for the extra cash was  «in order to secure the conditions for continuity of political parties in the national elections.»

Yes, people were outraged, but who gives a cowpat over at the IMF or the European Commission? We Συνέχεια

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire … by The Reaper

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire


It has been a long time since you last felt my putrid cold breath near you, my sweets. I’ve had much work lately, nipping life in the bud, reaping without sowing. I had promised you something last time, a morsel of the puzzle that would lead sensible Greeks to where sanity leaves and madness begins. I had promised to tell you of the blatant mockery politicians hurled at their citizens, weaving them in a game they had started, they had played and won all by themselves. The lies came out and those who had a mind left over from the brainwashing and debilitating power exerted by the media in the country, saw the bleak reality of a country ravaged by something far worse than any war — betrayal.

It all started with the nationwide elections of 2009. Greece has 2 major political parties that have vied for the throne since the junta was overthrown in the early 70’s: the moderate right-wing New Democracy and the moderate left-wing PASOK. The Communist party (KKE), leftist coalition party (SYRIZA) and right-wing nationalist party (LAOS) add a few more minor players on a scene so stagnant that mosquitoes can’t even breed in. As usual, candidates appeared on all major networks and said their regurgitated hogwash about how they’ll help everything and everyone, from wholesellers to truck drivers, farmers to small shop owners, lowly unskilled laborers to teachers, young unwed mothers to proud pensioners. As usual, candidates maintained they’d crush foreign-owned monopolies, inflation, illegal immigration, crime and would protect national sovereignty, commercial interests, a failing tourist industry and the list went on. As usual, no one mentioned the rich, the mogul industrialists, the money-launderers, who in the end came out winners, as they do everywhere elections are held. Above all, everyone stressed (and you can visually read my lips on this one) NO MORE TAXES. You mortals know what happens when you hear that.