Suicides on the rise in Greece

What more does the world need to hear to rid themselves of the partial reality the paid media portray of  Greece? Or are suicide victims lazy Greeks who all couldn’t live with the thought of having to work for a living? Maybe they were all tax evaders who couldn’t find new ways to not pay their taxes?

But, let’s be serious for a minute. No one has the right to live if they’re called Greek. Greeks’ sole rights are to work to pay the government that hasn’t slashed their luxury salaries proportionately and has already written off political party debts to continue receiving tax-payer money to pay for their electoral campaigns (elections that haven’t been officially announced yet though newspapers worldwide proclaim that elections will take place) as well as continued perks. Greeks also have no right to elect their leaders, seeing as appointing the banker, Papademos,  who changed the books to fraudulently put Greece into the Euro is the best solution possible for everyone involved.

Naturally, most of the money that hasn’t been given to Greek banks so the latter can continue to spend Συνέχεια

Parliament, MPs, the President of Greece: The Trinity of Shame Foreign Headlines Exalt

(William Hogarth’s The Orgy)

Members of Parliament in Greece are continuing the farce they call austerity measures, aka cutbacks. At a time when Greeks are called upon to pay property tax for the third time (they already pay two on a bi-monthly basis) with a further three announced this year, when civil servant income has been lowered (often rightly so in some cases) and pensioners who receive €550 a month are subjected to a further decrease in a pension that will not enable them to pay rent, medication or fuel for central heating this winter, MPs seem to live in a world of their own.

Backed by fervent support from the media nationally and internationally which has given rise to the image of the Greek who refuses to fess up to tax evasion all these years and pay the price, Parliament has passed the new budget for 2012 which hardly touches MPs’ salaries. Although slight pay cuts – which were proportionately insignificant in relation to the cuts average citizens suffered – were effected in 2011, that is where things stayed for 2012. In fact, the precise state of affairs is shocking. While the world lauds the government for its efforts to restitute Greece’s image by cutting salaries, wages, pensions, subsidies and perks in a country that never had a welfare system that worked, Greeks are protesting because they know better.

Last year’s MP expense budget covered:

a) compensation: Yes, compensation as they call it, because what they are doing is a favor to all  Greeks, that is why they need to be compensated rather than receive a salary like those lucky enough to hold Συνέχεια

Pawnbrokers Prosper as Greece Struggles With Hard Times

Comment by MySatelite:

This article, which as Greek citizens we can acknowledge as true, is an answer to all those who a) say ALL Greeks deserve to pay as they have been thriving off black money for years (so how come they’re selling their jewelry instead of tapping into their fat bank accounts?) and b) believe Papandreou’s policies and now Papademos’s (the governor of Greece’s central bank who was involved in cooking figures to put Greece in the Euro over a decade ago) are geared towards saving the nation.

As for the illicit gold trade the article mentions, it pales in comparison to what Greek politicians have stolen from the Greek people. No Greek will ever feel inclined to walk down the path of justice as long as justice is never served in a prejudicial system that pretends to look after the welfare of the country but does so only in name.

In Greece’s Sour Economy, Some Shops Are Thriving

ATHENS — With all the contraction in the Greek economy, with employees laid off en masse and one in four small businesses forced to close, it might seem odd that new shops are springing up like mushrooms in Athens and other cities. Συνέχεια

60.7% of Greek citizens want elections by February 19

As mentioned in MRB’s survey 60.7% of Greeks wants elections by February 19.

More specific, 34% says that the elections must be carried out on February 19, 27% soon after, 20.4% by the summer of 2012 and 11.8% at the end of the four years.

In the mean time, 55.1% has a negative impression on Συνέχεια

Order out of Chaos

Out of the wreckage, international bankers will rise as saviors. The bubble that will inevitably burst in Europe was engineered by a group, a clique, of private bankers in key positions.

Raising awareness is key, but not enough to change the situation. Governments have already armed themselves with an anti-riot arsenal worthy of any extravagant blockbuster action film, while the media has taken on the role of feeding propaganda to citizens.

Watch the video and spread the knowledge. Συνέχεια

The Death of Democracy and National Sovereignty in Europe

As Johan Van Overtveldt, the editor-in-chef of Trends magazine states, Greece is «condemned to go down in a vicious circle of more recession, more unemployment, larger government deficits or budget deficits and so an endless need of additional money to fill up the gaps.»

So why continue the loans? Why continue the Euro sham? Since Italy is next, and France’s banking system will follow suit, why fix something that already smells putrid?

Brussels will undoubtedly push the situation to its advantage and demand to step in at any time. Συνέχεια

Ποία γκαλερί λέτε να εξέθεσε τους πίνακες της κυρίας Παπαδήμου;


Δείτε τους πίνακες της κυρίας Shanna Ingram Papademos, Σάνα Ινγκραμ Παπαδημου Ελληνιστί (που’σαι Γιωργάκη να δεις ποιά σε κλέβει την παράσταση –  τι νόμιζες, μόνο εσένα θα αποκαλούσαν με το σούπερ ουάου Αγγλικό σου όνομα;).

Έχει ταλέντο η κυρία, αναμφισβήτητα. Το λέω γιατί δεν έχω ιδέα απο πίνακες και ζωγραφική και τέχνη. Για μένα ο Πικάσο ήταν ένας τύπος που ήξερε να ζωγραφίζει τετραγωνισμένα κεφάλια αγελάδων, με μια βούλα να συμβολίζει το βυζί της Maria Conchita Abelar de los Guavos, της συγχωρεμένης νεοτάτης μοδίστρας που έμενε στη Γκουέρνικα.

Εδώ όμως έχουμε μια Papademos, μια πρώτη κυρία που έφτασε όπου έφτασε γιατί η τέχνη έκανε τις Συνέχεια