Plastic Rating System – unhealthy opinions vs. facts

There was something bugging me when I got back from the recent conference I attended… but it wasn’t until I refilled the re-usable water bottle from my office that I remembered what it was. Those two gentlemen sitting near me during a break were talking loud enough for me to hear and become interested: «Hey Charlie, I’m ok – my bike bottle is a 2 and my other bottle is a 1 – so thanks for the info». Once it was clear that they were discussing the safety of plastic drinking bottles, I had to ask them to inform me. They told me that the codes on the bottom of every plastic bottle indicate different plastics which correlate to the safety of the bottle.. «1’s are the safest and 7’s are the most dangerous, generally», they said. «Wow – thanks guys – I’ll take a look when I get home!».

So a few days later, with my new «green» water bottle in hand, I remember this discussion and flipped over my bottle – huh? «SEVEN!?» I said out loud. Time for some research, since it’s hard to believe I would be given a water bottle which is good for the environment but bad for me. Well – it turns out I wish I had gotten the contact info for those two gentlemen – no, not to yell at them – but to tell them the facts. The codes are there as Συνέχεια