How Did Greek Yogurt Get So Popular?

The mystery of Greek yogurt’s sudden ubiquity isn’t much of a mystery to me, as I glance from my computer to the recently discarded FAGEcarton in my trash can. I know I’m not alone. Greek yogurt is a $1.5 billion business in the U.S. Indeed, asking why Americans enjoy a pleasantly sweet and sourish yogurt with an avocado’s consistency and health benefits to boot seems to be an exercise in answering your own question.

The mystery isn’t «why greek yogurt,» but why now? Just five years ago, Greek yogurt was a $60 million market in the U.S. (Too sour! Too thick!) But sales have increased 2500%, accelerating through the Great Recession despite the fact that the «Greek» stuff (it’s actually more Lebanese, but anyway) tends to be twice as expensive as normal yogurt. Still the two leading brands– Συνέχεια