Letter to President Obama never really sent @BarackObama @whitehouse


Dear Mr. President,

The current Greek Prime Minister must have been unbearably pushy to secure an official visit to the White House –an importunate invitation seeker, no doubt; it’s not hard to tell. So, I can sympathize with your decision to give up.

Why not, one might argue. Besides,  Greece is viewed by tradition as a developed Western country of great historical significance, and one which upholds the democratic values, while maintaining strong ties of friendship with the United States. Right?

However, Mr. President, we feel you are about to welcome the head of a government whose record of a persistent rule by decree, along with a shameless defiance of Supreme Court rulings against it, has outscored within just one year in office the total of like decrees issued by the military junta during the latter’s full seven years term –the same military junta former President Clinton, in the words of…

Δείτε την αρχική δημοσίευση 366 επιπλέον λέξεις

Μάκη… Ήξερες, ότι και η Καναδέζικη «Diamond & Diamond Merchant Banking Group» των πολυευεργετών Μ. Λαμπράκη και Αρτ. Σώρρα, είναι και αυτή ….ανύπαρκτη???

  === Μάκηηηη….!!!
  === ΔΕΝ ΤΟ ΑΝΤΕΧΩ!!! Έλαβα γράμμα από την ομογένεια, με έναν τεράστιο ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΠΤΙΚΟ διάλογο, που αφορά ιντερνετική αλληλλογραφία, με όλα όσα θα ήθελες να ξέρεις, για τον ΜΑΝΩΛΗ ΛΑΜΠΡΑΚΗ του ΣΩΡΑσμένου ευεργέτη της τσέπης του, για τα 650 (νέα) δις ΝΤΟΛΑΡΣ σε ληξιπρόθεσμα Ομόλογα του Αμερικάνικου Δημοσίου, που οι γκάγκστερς Λαμπράκης και Σώρρας έχουν καταθέσει υπέρ βωμών και εστιών της συμμορίας τους, για την ανύπαρκτη Καναδέζικη τράπεζα «Diamond & Diamond Merchant Banking Group» … Ακόμα και για τη χοντροκέφαλη κα Αγαθούλα θα μπορούσες να ξέρεις και απορώ γιατί δεν τα ξέρεις Μάκη μου και με γεμίζεις υποψίες…. Είναι δυνατόν???? Κοτζάμ Ταρζάν και βασιλεύς της ζουγκλός σου, να πάσχεις από εισησεοδιαφυγή???… Γαμώτο… Δεν το χωρά ο νούς μου μηδέ η φαντασία μου!!!


Parliament, MPs, the President of Greece: The Trinity of Shame Foreign Headlines Exalt

(William Hogarth’s The Orgy)

Members of Parliament in Greece are continuing the farce they call austerity measures, aka cutbacks. At a time when Greeks are called upon to pay property tax for the third time (they already pay two on a bi-monthly basis) with a further three announced this year, when civil servant income has been lowered (often rightly so in some cases) and pensioners who receive €550 a month are subjected to a further decrease in a pension that will not enable them to pay rent, medication or fuel for central heating this winter, MPs seem to live in a world of their own.

Backed by fervent support from the media nationally and internationally which has given rise to the image of the Greek who refuses to fess up to tax evasion all these years and pay the price, Parliament has passed the new budget for 2012 which hardly touches MPs’ salaries. Although slight pay cuts – which were proportionately insignificant in relation to the cuts average citizens suffered – were effected in 2011, that is where things stayed for 2012. In fact, the precise state of affairs is shocking. While the world lauds the government for its efforts to restitute Greece’s image by cutting salaries, wages, pensions, subsidies and perks in a country that never had a welfare system that worked, Greeks are protesting because they know better.

Last year’s MP expense budget covered:

a) compensation: Yes, compensation as they call it, because what they are doing is a favor to all  Greeks, that is why they need to be compensated rather than receive a salary like those lucky enough to hold Συνέχεια

Silence is golden

The former Prime Minister of Greece and President of the Socialist International made a speech to that Organization on Thursday 24 of November 2011 where he spoke on the Eurozone crisis and said the following incredible things:

“In Europe today conservative governments prevail who are mainly Συνέχεια