Greece: we could exit euro in three months

New Greek government says creditors and lending troika must agree bailout terms within weeks otherwise ‘we are out of the markets’.

Homeless people eat a New Year’s day meal distributed by the municipality of Athens, on 1 January. Government spokesman Pantelis Kapsis said further austerity cuts might be required: ‘What does cutting spending mean? To close down the public sector?’ Photograph: Petros Giannakouris/AP Συνέχεια

The Death of Democracy and National Sovereignty in Europe

As Johan Van Overtveldt, the editor-in-chef of Trends magazine states, Greece is «condemned to go down in a vicious circle of more recession, more unemployment, larger government deficits or budget deficits and so an endless need of additional money to fill up the gaps.»

So why continue the loans? Why continue the Euro sham? Since Italy is next, and France’s banking system will follow suit, why fix something that already smells putrid?

Brussels will undoubtedly push the situation to its advantage and demand to step in at any time. Συνέχεια

Euro zone members seek tougher policing of Greece

(Reuters) – Some euro zone countries want a European Commission task force to be given extra powers to oversee the sale of Greek state assets and the country’s civil service under a far-reaching plan to tighten supervision of Athens, EU sources told Reuters.

The radical proposal, dismissed by some officials as a form of colonialism and which may be shot down in the face of such Συνέχεια

Ποιός κερδίζει από τον πολιτικό θάνατο του Στρος Καν;

Εδώ και μερικούς μήνες, στη Γαλλία κυκλοφορούν φήμες ότι ο δημοφιλής επικεφαλής του ΔΝΤ Dominique Strauss-Kahn, θα παραιτηθεί από το αξίωμά του προκειμένου να θέσει υποψηφιότητα για τη προεδρία της γαλλικής δημοκρατίας, απέναντι στον Nicolas Sarkozy. Σήμερα όμως, η είδηση ότι ο Strauss-Kahn συνελήφθη στη Νέα Υόρκη για σεξουαλική παρενόχληση, προκάλεσε αμηχανία στη χώρα, καθώς και Συνέχεια