Confronting Greece’s “Brain Drain”

by Vasiliki Mitrakos — Athens, July 11, 2011

“Staying in 2011 is not the same as staying in 1920 or in 1950. To leave does not mean exile, that I go and do not turn back or that I listen to Kazantzidi and I cry.” — Apostolos Doxiadis speaking at Intelligence Squared Greece’s debate on Greece’s “Brain Drain”

About 114,000 to 139,000 Greeks with a tertiary education work or study abroad—and 91 percent of those who received all of their degrees abroad do not seek employment in Greece upon graduation, according to a study by Lois Lambrianidis, author of Investing in Leaving.

Intelligence Squared Brain Drain

Intelligence Squared Greece’s “Brain Drain” debate focused on answering the question of whether Greek Συνέχεια

Euro zone members seek tougher policing of Greece

(Reuters) – Some euro zone countries want a European Commission task force to be given extra powers to oversee the sale of Greek state assets and the country’s civil service under a far-reaching plan to tighten supervision of Athens, EU sources told Reuters.

The radical proposal, dismissed by some officials as a form of colonialism and which may be shot down in the face of such Συνέχεια