Yannis Varoufakis: The Greek economy is finished …. This is our Great Depression

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Broadcast: 18/06/2012

Reporter: Leigh Sales

With a pro-bailout and pro-austerity party claiming victory in the Greek election, economist Yanis Varoufakis joins us from Athens to reflect on what the result means for the economy and the Eurozone.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Joining us now from Athens is the Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis.

The obvious question is: what happens now?

YANIS VAROUFAKIS, ECONOMICS, ATHENS UNIVERSITY: Well, the derailment of the train that is the eurozone, which started with Greece and then other carriages started leaving the tracks sequentially – Ireland, Portugal, now Spain – is continuing. And yesterday’s vote is not going to change that at all. All exuberance and celebrations are completely and utterly misplaced. I’m afraid that the eurozone and Συνέχεια

Τι κάνουμε; Πρόταση για την έξοδο από την κρίση

Ο Χαρίλαος Τρικούπης και ο Θεόδωρος Δηληγιάννης

Στην ελληνική πολιτική σκηνή του τέλους του 19ου αιώνα, ο Θεόδωρος Δηληγιάννης, αρχηγός του τότε Εθνικού κόμματος, απόγονος κοτζαμπάσηδων και κλασικός εκπρόσωπος της πολιτικής φαυλότητας, αντιπολιτευόταν με πάθος το μεγάλο πολιτικό ηγέτη Χαρίλαο Τρικούπη. Όταν ο τελευταίος, ο οποίος το 1893 υποχρεώθηκε να πει το ιστορικό «δυστυχώς επτωχεύσαμεν», τον ρώτησε «τελικά, ποια είναι η δική σας πολιτική κύριε Δηληγιάννη», εκείνος του απάντησε : « Η πολιτική μου είναι ακριβώς η αντίθετη της ιδικής σας κύριε Τρικούπη»!

Ο οξύς καταγγελτικός λόγος, η αντίθεση στη θέση χωρίς θέση, υπήρξε πάντοτε γνωστό υποπροϊόν του πολιτικού λαϊκισμού και της ανευθυνότητας. Η έλλειψη πολιτικής πλατφόρμας, η αοριστολογία, η αντιφατικότητα, είναι συχνό φαινόμενο, ιδιαίτερα σε περιόδους κρίσεων και μάλιστα σε χώρες με έντονο κοινωνικό παρορμητισμό και ευκολοπιστία όπως η δική μας. Βολεύει την πολιτική πατρονία και ανακολουθία πονηρών πολιτευτών που οσφυοκάμπτουν πρόθυμα στους ισχυρούς της παραεξουσίας, εγχώριας και διεθνούς. Οφείλεται επιπλέον σε σύγχυση ιδεών, πείσματος, ανεπάρκεια γνώσεων, πείρας και πολιτικού οράματος.  Στην εκ του πονηρού στάση, να μην γίνονται Συνέχεια

Boycott Pepsi Over Use of Aborted Fetuses?

LARGO, FL —  In a shocking decision delivered Feb 28th, President Obama’s Security and Exchange Commission ruled that PepsiCo’s use of aborted fetal remains in their research and development agreement with Senomyx to produce flavor enhancers falls under «ordinary business operations.»

The letter signed by Attorney Brian Pitko of the SEC Office of Chief Counsel was sent in response to a 36-page document submitted by PepsiCo attorneys in January, 2012. In that filing, PepsiCo pleaded with the SEC to reject the Shareholder’s Resolution filed in October 2011 that the company «adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private and collaborative research and development agreements.»

PepsiCo lead attorney George A. Schieren noted that the resolution should be excluded because it «deals Συνέχεια

Forget about preventing default in Greece, control it, says Europe

By Michael Steininger, Christian Science Monitor | 08:54 am

Greece’s European partners are increasingly skeptical that Athens can avoid default.The highly indebted country is working feverishly to secure a debt write-off to avoid default, but international investors see even that as a default of sorts.

With only weeks to go before a crucial bond repayment date, statements from European leaders reveal a growing mistrust in the Greek political class’s ability and willingness to implement deficit cutting measures.Without those measures, Greece will not receive a necessary second bailout from international lenders, and without the bailout, it will likely Συνέχεια

Mass S&P downgrade as Greek debt impasse hit euro zone

By Matthias Sobolewski and Dina Kyriakidou

BERLIN/ATHENS (Reuters) – Standard & Poor’s downgraded the credit ratings of nine euro zone countries, stripping France and Austria of their coveted triple-A status but not EU paymaster Germany, in a Black Friday 13th for the troubled single currency area.

«Today’s rating actions are primarily driven by our assessment that the policy initiatives that have been taken by European policymakers in recent weeks may be insufficient to fully address ongoing systemic stresses in the eurozone,» the U.S.-based ratings agency said in a statement.

In a potentially more ominous setback, negotiations on a debt swap by private creditors seen as crucial Συνέχεια

‘Last Days’ of the Euro Are Upon Us

BOSTON (TheStreet) — The euro is about to go the way of the dodo, if Credit Suisse researchers are correct.

In a research note making the rounds Monday carrying the title The «Last Days» of the Euro, a team of Credit Suisse analysts argue that «we seem to have entered the last days of the euro as we currently know it.»

While a break-up of the 17 eurozone nations isn’t a strong likelihood, Credit Suisse researchers say that Συνέχεια

Contagion: Europe on The Brink as Debt Crisis Spreads To Spain

Φωτό της Ημέρας: Λουτρό Ντομάτας

Τοποθεσία:Buñol, Βαλένθια, Ισπανία

Πότε:31 Αυγούστου, 2011

Ποιος:Eπισκέπτες και κάτοικοι της Buñol

Τι γίνεται: Η πόλη βάφεται κόκκινη από 120 τόνους ντομάτες στο ετήσιο φεστιβάλ ντομάτας «La Tomatina».