A year our global society’s dignitaries would have us believe will be a landmark.

The day this «crisis» knocked on Greece’s front door and we opened, a huge question racks my brain.

Let us suppose that in a few years we have overcome this crisis, that we have reduced deficit, have set everything straight, at any rate. My question is how long will it take for us to mess things up again? Naturally, I ask this question using the first person plural out of idiotic courtesy.

I say that the day after we step out of the crisis, we’ll redirect ourselves once more towards the same shit.

So long as people don’t demand it, the law pertaining to the (ir)responsibility of ministers and MP’s won’t change. So long as parliamentary immunity holds and MP’s slates are wiped clean by law, this land won’t ever heal.

I hear the Left-wing parties yelling, justly so, in favor of workers’ rights. But I don’t hear anyone yelling or rallying people behind the war cry to lift the impunity of those who truly submerged the country into bankruptcy. I don’t see any mass demonstration outside Parliament by a sovereign populace asking for what’s right and self-evident: PUT THE THIEVES IN JAIL AND RETURN WHAT WAS STOLEN!