US to unleash Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA): Help Stop It!

Right now, the US is poised to pass a new law that would permit US agents to spy on almost everything we do online.But we can stop them before the final vote.

Companies that we trust with our personal information, like Microsoft and Facebook, are key supporters of this bill that lets corporations share all user activity and content with US government agents without needing a warrant in the name of cyber-security — nullifying privacy guarantees for Συνέχεια

How to get rid of Facebook Timeline

Overview of How to Remove / Disable Facebook Timeline

If you have got Facebook Timeline and want to change back to viewing the old style profile pages, or if you haven’t got Timeline yet, but just want to view your friend’s Timeline pages in the old style profile format, this guide is for you.

Currently, if you visit a personal Facebook Timeline page, with a browser that identifies itself as «Internet Explorer 7», you will be shown the old style profile page for that person, instead of their Timeline page. This is because Facebook haven’t yet created a version of Timeline that works with IE7.

When you visit a website, your web browser sends it an identification code, known as the «User Agent», which lets the site know what web browser you are using. This method for disabling timeline works by changing your current browser’s «User Agent» to IE7 and tricking Facebook into showing you the old style profile pages.

Guide to Remove / Disable Facebook Timeline

The method for setting the User Agent to IE7 for the following browsers are listed below : Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Συνέχεια