Aerial Viewing of Greece (video)

We posted an article five days ago here on MySatelite with one of the most beautiful videos of Greece and thought it a pity if a short comment in English were not added to make this splendid video available to English-speakers as well.

Despite propaganda emanating from Wall Street, the ECB, IMF and various other consortia which have been banking all along on this financial crisis like a roulette addict on 18 red, Greece has much to offer, though its politicians are bent on selling off its most prized assets — its land and natural resources — at ridiculously cheap prices, which has been in our view one of the prime reasons for the instigation of this crisis in the first place.

This video was made to remind us in Greece of the beauties of the blessed country we live in: its seas, Συνέχεια

Suspended in the air – Meteora (video)

Meteora – sandstone rock pillars situated in the Plain of Thessaly in central Greece, monasteries perched overlooking the plains. Nowhere on earth will you feel the same sense of exhilaration as when you stand and gaze beneath you at the lands that spread as far as the eye can see.

A beautiful video of Meteora made by Alexandros Maragkos. A rocky forest that is certain to astound. Watch the movement of the stars as the earth revolves around these holy suspended rocks.